Select a panel from the top drop down menu.
Select an instrument category from the bottom drop down menu.
Simply left mouse click on the instrument you want, and drag it onto your panel.
To remove an instrument, simply drag it off of you panel.


You can drag the same instrument onto the panel as many times as you like.
When you leave this tool, the panel you are working on will be saved and re-displayed when you return.
If you see the Product Information, link appear while hovering your mouse over an instrument, click on it to go to the manufacturer's website.
For saving / printing, try hitting the Print Screen or Print Scrn key, and then open your Paint program, and click on Edit-> Paste. It should then be a .bmp file in your Paint program that you can save and print.

If you have a website, and wish to post your test panels for all to see, feel free, and help us spread the word about Experimental Panel builder by adding a link to this site from yours...